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Web Revamp & Redesign

Website Revamp and Redesign Services

Is your website your company’s lean mean marketing machine helping you to generate more sales or is it driving away your customers? Need to revamp your website content to give it the much needed overhaul? With the rapidity of change in cyberspace these days, it’s not hard to imagine that websites can quickly become outdated and become your cyberspace equivalent of a dinosaur. 

Try finding a website design from the nineties and notice its poor interface, bad colour schemes and tackiness. Websites need to keep up with the times like everything else in your business. A badly kept website is a poor reflection of your overall business reliability and constancy. Most newly developed designs today consist of some Flash, are more interactive in nature and have user-friendly interfaces.

Allow us to turn your online nineties lemon into a lean, mean, profitable machine with our website revamp/redesign services.

Why Should You Revamp the Content of Your Website? 

A website is more than a company’s pretty face on the Internet. It has to contain all valuable company information and news, comprehensive product information, interesting content, contact details, and all these while ensuring that you give a positive impression to your potential customer. That’s of paramount importance if you’re looking to garner sales leads from your website – a good design and maneuverability can do that and more

Your company website is the fundamental and ultimate representation of your business, your values, unique selling proposition and identity. Your business is always dynamic, evolving and growing, so why shouldn't your website? Don't make the mistake of assuming that visitors are no longer visiting your website. They are, but they are simply not doing business with you because of misconceptions about your business after seeing outdated information or promotions, unrelated images or the most dreaded of all, “Under Construction” pages! 

Your website is most definitely the FIRST and probably last contact your prospective clients or partners get in touch with. Why risk your market credibility with a website that does NOT accurately reflect your business which is in fact, evolving and thriving in the marketplace?

Reasons For A Website Revamp

  • Search engines pick up on consistent updates and site popularity. With fresher content and search engine optimization in place, your website won’t drop out of site. It’s usually recommended in the industry that changes are made yearly to websites. While it’s unnecessary to have all the bells & whistles in place, most of the websites that come up these days have at least Flash design and enhanced navigational tools in place.

  • When your website isn’t meeting your objectives and your competitors have been. What we mean by objectives is that you should be garnering sale leads, converting your prospective clients and giving your clients a good impression of your business.  Keeping tabs with the latest online technology can improve efficiency and your business transactions.
  • Improve the look & feel of your website. Other common reasons to consider a revamp are unattractive and difficult to navigate interfaces, not enough traffic, a dearth of content and keyword placement, design flaws and hosting problems.

Websites should be more than just an online name card with nominal details, it’s an entire platform for you to engage your clients and enhance your business. With continuous updates, you can inform your clients of latest products, issue company reports and press releases. As your business grows and clients’ expectations evolve, you can add new features and enforce your web capabilities.